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Parents Across Rhode Island (general)

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2 months ago

The site is very helpful for parents who care about the future of their kids. The organization is non-profit and is focused on public education in Rhode Island. The site is full of helpful information for responsible parents who want to know about the issues their children face and ways to resolve them. Thanks to a well-developed community, parents can monitor everything so that any serious problem won't fly under the radar. Moreover, the community always reacts promptly, improving school students' lives and making learning more efficient.
The primary issue that the ParentsAcrossRi tackles these days is the unfair scoring system that assumes that all kids are equal. Rhode Island parents want to improve the standardized learning system as it outdated and doesn't help children develop their talents. Vice versa, striving to get the best scores passing standardized tests, school students lose the enthusiasm of obtaining new skills. These days, getting a high score for a test is primarily a goal for students, so learners don't even hesitate to cheat. Our organization aims to study the top priority by eliminating standardized tests, enhancing learning programs, and improving the scoring system.

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